Needlepoint Tapestry

needlepoint tapestry
How can you clean an old tapestry?

I have a needlepoint tapestry created by my mother years ago. It recently survived hurrican Ivan, but was drenched in rainwater and left unprotected for several weeks. It is dirty, probably mouldy, and some of the colours have seeped into adjacent areas. The backing fabric may have deteriorated as well. The local cleaners refuse to touch it.
Any suggestions?
Mike D.

My wife takes her needle points to the cleaners when she is done working on them, before putting them behind glass.
Ask them if you signed a waiver (releasing them from everything) , will they do it. Unless it’s real bad that it will fall apart.

How to Needlepoint a Tapestry : Setting Mood with Color in Needlepoint Tapestry

(Set) Nana Needlepoint Tapestry Pillow And Best Job Stoneware Coffee Cup Mug

(Set) Nana Needlepoint Tapestry Pillow And Best Job Stoneware Coffee Cup Mug


(Set) Nana Tapestry Pillow And Nana Best Job Mug Lovely accent pillow is a special way to tell Nana just how much you cherish her! Needlepoint verse. 60/40 cotton/poly blend shell. 100% polyester fill. Spot clean. US made. 9″x 12″. Mint green mug for Nana features contrasting trim around top rim, inscription on raised oval medallion on the front, and decal message on back. Handpainted stoneware. 18 oz. capacity. Gift boxed. 4.75″.

Gold Tapestry Hand Needles-Size 22 4/Pkg

Gold Tapestry Hand Needles-Size 22 4/Pkg


These tapestry are superior quality needles are resistant to humidity body oils and rust. Perfect for cross-stitch needlepoint and counted threadwork. Four needles per package. Made in France. Easily slides through fabric. Available in 18-karat gold color and size 26.
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