Needlepoint Pillow

needlepoint pillow
Has anyone had experience with selling items on ebay?

Hey there, with the holidays just around the corner finances are very tight, been a rough year. I thought of going out and getting a part-time job, but I have two kids that need help with homework, dinner made, etc. etc. So I was thinking of doing crafts such as jewelry, rugs, needlepoint pillow cases, towels, etc. I was thinking of selling things on ebay and was wondering if anyone has ever tried this and what your experience was. Please let me know. Thank you.

It’s fine for when you are just starting out. Make sure you buy a couple of things first so you can learn the process from the customer’s point of view.

But it will only sell if you meet the following criteria:

1. It has to be your own design, no patterns or kits

2. It has to be something that’s hard to do and can’t be found cheaper at Big Lots

3. It has to be useful.

Needlepoint Pillows from

(Set) Nana Needlepoint Tapestry Pillow And Best Job Stoneware Coffee Cup Mug

(Set) Nana Needlepoint Tapestry Pillow And Best Job Stoneware Coffee Cup Mug


(Set) Nana Tapestry Pillow And Nana Best Job Mug Lovely accent pillow is a special way to tell Nana just how much you cherish her! Needlepoint verse. 60/40 cotton/poly blend shell. 100% polyester fill. Spot clean. US made. 9″x 12″. Mint green mug for Nana features contrasting trim around top rim, inscription on raised oval medallion on the front, and decal message on back. Handpainted stoneware. 18 oz. capacity. Gift boxed. 4.75″.
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