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christmas stocking kits felt
Charity gifts in a person’s name: tacky or thoughtful?

There’s someone on my list who has *everything*, and I was thinking of getting her a bunch of “donation” gifts (i.e. from UNICEF and PLAN Canada–you can get water purification kits, pay for children’s education, etc.) instead of physical presents for herself. These would be all the gifts she’d receive for Christmas this year (along with some stocking stuffers). She’s a very caring person but not very well-versed with world issues. Do you think this sounds like a good idea, or will she feel kinda let-down?
I think I’m going for UNICEF–she does love children, as most moms do, haha. and she’s very aware of the dire poverty that many live in.

I think this is a wonderful idea. Be sure to have the donations sent to charities that she finds particularly meaningful such as an animal shelter if she’s a dog or cat lover, children’s charity if she’s a kid friendly person, etc. Since you might not want to just give donations, you could always include something like her favorite candy, a homemade card, a special picture, or other inexpensive gift to make her feel she has something to “keep” from the holidays without taking away money that you would have otherwise given to the charity.

felt christmas stocking kits

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